It is all about telling a story. Every image, every sound, every text, every logo should tell a story.
Provoking interest. Wanting to know more. Asking a question. Triggering curiosity.

My story is as atypical as it can be. It still is quite simple.
After having lived in multiple places. From the South of France to NY, Paris, Geneva, Zurich & Berlin.
I finally returned to my childhood home, a small village in the Alsace.
Having setup my HQ and lab in an old farmhouse. In the middle of nature.
Once and a while leaving this “paradise” to the urban centers of Europe to fill up with energy, inspiration and encounters.

Then cooking up my version.
My view point. Between trends and traditions.
Always striving for simplicity.

What can I do for you?
Tailor made visual and audible content (music & editorial / design & photography).
Let me be honest, if you are looking for perfectly researched, streamlined solutions and productions this is definitely the wrong address. Others do this kind of work much better. This does not mean a lack of quality or professionalism, I bring almost 30 years of experience in broadcasting, advertising, marketing and media-consulting to the table.

From hands-on production and creation to strategy and concepts. Having worked as creative-director for global brands and services in Germany, France, US and Switzerland.

If you are looking to put some “Funk” into whatever you are doing,
Here’s the menu:
/Audio Production
/CI Strategy & Design
/Media Consulting and Implementation
/Batteries are Included